Nero Solution



Nowadays the garage business founded by recless youngsters 10 years ago would be called a start-up, which today has grown into a prestigious boutique agency with its elite clientele and capable team.

Why boutique agency? In the multinational corporate environment where advertising is born today our marketing manufacture represents real value, by putting our Clients and their demands to the very center of our focus.

We believe in that the key to any successful cooperation is the overall knowledge of the needs and demands of the Partner, and the accurate definition of the common goals. We consider it important that our Customers find in us an up to date, reliable, loyal partner, with whom, efficiently and cost-effectively can work on long term. Our knowledge, experience and contacts in each case are to serve a successful collaboration.

Our goal is to serve the full range of existing and future clients in the areas of marketing and PR. We provide the creative concept, marketing plan, advertising production and placement, tracking and campaign evaluation ATL, BTL and TTL channels both for this purpose.

After several years spent with media planning and implementation, and the significant track record behind us, we have earned a number of companies' satisfaction, and the admiration of the profession by our mediocre uncompromising professionalism and competence on the fields creativity, marketing and media planning.

Beyond our innovative marketing activity from development and integration of e-business solutions to the operation of them we offer our Customers constantly expanding interactive solutions of online businesses.